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Our Curriculum: Text

Our Curriculum is developed based on a thematic approach, integrating all subject areas together under one theme, we use fun-filled methods to introduce new concepts and allow children to learn through exploration of the theme, in line with guidelines to the Refreshed Kindergarten Curriculum Framework (RKCF) provided by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

It encompasses six learning areas for the early learners – Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetic and Creativity, Physical, Social Emotional and Environmental Awareness. 

Our daily schedule has been meticulously thought of in order to provide children with adequate amount of time allocated for these following activities.

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Bilingual Thematic Lessons

We provide a bilingual environment of Chinese and English thematic approach to teaching students in a fun and enjoyable way. With clearly defined Learning Activities and Vocabulary Lists, students will be engaged and motivated to learn to speak, read, and write both languages.


Da Little Phonics™

Our unique Da Little Phonics has been refined through the years where each letter has a story to tell.

It will take the Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 children on an adventure to learn the skills to read.

From the beginning, children learn to recognize the sounds that each letter makes, then identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make and blend the sounds together to form a word. They learn to decode new word and finally embark on a journey to read on their own.


Da Little Mathematician

Relating mathematics to real-life situations, children from PlayGroup to Kindergarten 2 will be exposed to mathematical concepts in terms of their age appropriate milestones.

The curriculum is planned in a progression pace to prepare the children for Primary 1.

Our framework works alongside the Primary school curriculum to get them ready for school.


Exploration and Discovery Time

Exploration and Discovery Time is developed in line with the Preschool curriculum framework of “Discovery of the World”.

This programme is for Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 children. It involves exploration of the world where the children live in and the scientific concepts that the children will learn in their age-appropriate milestones.

They will learn through hands on experiments and become children who are curious learners to their surroundings.

Our Curriculum: Activities


The transition from preschool to primary school is a big step. At Da Little Preschool, we recognise that a child’s transition journey begins the moment he/she joins our preschool. 

We provide an extension of learning experiences for children beyond their classrooms. Da Little Preschool curriculum is designed for your child to grow in their literacy skills and numeracy skills, to their social skills, independence, concentration, listening and communication skills.

Preparing our K2s


Not only we prepare our K2s to be academically and socially ready for Primary 1, they build such close bond with their preschool friends that they maintain their friendship even in their primary school years.

Strong Alumni Network


We welcome our Alumni back during Children's Day, school holiday and of course they are always back with gifts for our lovely teachers during Teachers' Day.

Our Curriculum: Admissions

Enrichment Programmes

Looking beyond academic grades, we provide enrichment programmes for toddlers to kindergarten children.

Our Curriculum: Headliner

Our enrichment programmes are designed for each stage of a child's development and allows children to build on what they learn from session to session.

It aims to enhance children’s creative experience and aesthetic sense to be more expressive and creative, providing a wonderful platform for furthering their education.

We recognize that children express their ideas through art differently, as such; we develop our curriculum to support children’s learning through our thematic art classes where children make art and enjoy the art of others.

Our Curriculum: Text

Da Little Arts

Little Doodlers (Playgroup)
Book Explorers (Nursery 1)

Little Crafters (Nursery 2 and Kindergarten 1)

Master Artists (Kindergarten 2)

As children become increasingly aware of the world around them, the focus of their drawing can be directly related to them.

Da Little Arts takes full advantage of children’s fascination of what interest them to explore and expand their artistic abilities beyond the basic level using appropriate drawing techniques in class as children learn to combine shapes and lines to form their pictures from symbolic to representation form.

Other art techniques like constructing textured collages and using interesting apparatus are employed to further complement their ideas.

Our teachers aim to help children to be imaginative in their future art encounters.


Da Little Chef

For all age groups

Spending time experimenting new recipes helps children to develop a positive connection and introduce them to all different types of foods including fruits and vegetables. Children develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and early concepts of math and science through the programme and being able to eat their own creations.

Da Little Performers

For all age groups

Da Little Performers promotes physical development and self-confidence through songs, dance and creative movement.

Children learn to use different parts of their body to express themselves, build motor control, body relationships, and directionality.

They learn to pantomime characters from stories and songs. Children's social skills are encouraged by group activities such as learning dance steps or singing songs together. They also experience making simple hand-held props or costumes for their stage play.

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Shake and Move

Nursery 1

Moving to music are rhythmic activities that promote early brain development.

It helps them to build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. 

Holiday Programme

For all age groups

Children gets exposed to different Holiday Programme here at Da Little Preschool.

A thematic developmental program that allows children to experience a happy and positive one that will in turn inspires a lifelong love of learning.

Our Curriculum: What's Happening
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