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About Us

With a strong belief that quality preschool should be accessible and affordable to everyone, Da Little Group started the Da Little Preschool arm after the wonderful support from parents and success of the art enrichment programmes that have been offered over the years at Da Little Arts School.

Through our team of dedicated educators, we aim to provide each child with a happy and positive experience, one that inspires a lifelong love of learning with quality education and foster creativity to the early years without a hefty price tag attached to it.

We are committed to a school that is welcoming, stimulating and lively, all while focusing on the goals of education, creativity, and developing young minds through the integration of arts into our curriculum.

Da Little Preschool in Cecil is located at 137 Cecil Street #03-01 Cecil Building Singapore 069537.

Da Little Preschool in Tamarind is located at 1 Tamarind Road Singapore 806011.

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What Sets Us Apart?


Our Teachers

Our teachers are empowered to plan activities that can be thoughtfully integrated into their teachings and to provide opportunities for children to be constructors of knowledge.

Our Curriculum

Our Preschool and Enrichment curriculum are all specially written in-house to enhance learning through purposeful play.

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Self-Help Skills

Our teacher-children ratio are kept lower than recommended to ensure good quality and effective interaction with children in class. Along with self-help skills during their daily activities, children develop independence in these as they mature to be ready for Primary school.

Children develop independence to equip themselves to be ready for formal school.

Promotes Healthy Living

Accredited with the PLATINUM tier for Healthy Eating under Health Promotion Board. Children get to enjoy healthy meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner by our in-house cook using healthier ingredients. Physical activity lesson plans are also integrated in our curriculum.

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Our Parents, Our Partners

We value the importance of having both teachers and parents partnering together to allow effective channels of communication between home and school for information to be shared and make provisions and plans for each child as the need arises.

1. Open and Regular Communication

Regular and open communications are fundamental in building trust with our parents.

2. Parents' Participation

Our parents, even grandparents, are encouraged where possible to participate and be involved in their child’s learning journeys with us.

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Our Team of Teachers


Teacher Jean

Jean started her Early Childhood Education journey more than 15 years ago. Armed with the desire to learn the ropes from scratch, as an Assistant Teacher, she relentlessly worked her way up to be the Principal, all while continuing to advance herself academically in this field. She now holds a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education.  

At Da Little Preschool, her artistic pursuits in food art activities encourages children to eat healthy food in a fun way.

She is committed to supporting growth in children and enabling them to realise their fullest potential.


Teacher Angeline

Teacher Angeline joined Da Little family in 2019. She has over 10 years of preschool experience. Her love for younger age group children and their child-like expression is reflected by what she does, teaching and nurturing them.

She spends a lot of time on the craft of teaching—deliberating the best ways to teach and make lessons fun, interactive, and relatable to students.

Teacher Angeline would often ensure that she provides a safe and positive learning environment for her children.


Teacher Charmaine

Charmaine started as an art teacher at Da Little Arts School in 2014. With her patience and love for children, she embarked on the Early Childhood Education journey to be a Preschool teacher. Her upbeat nature exudes positivity when working with children and she is committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to children.

She plans for most of our amazing year end concerts from the script to even the design of the costumes. Charmaine enjoys working on DIY projects and is a proud mummy of a beautiful toddler.


Teacher Jade

Teacher Jade joined Da Little family through the Early Childhood course sponsorship in 2017.

Energetic and driven, she studied while working to gain practical knowledge. Teacher Jade is always excited to take on the next challenge and grow professionally as a teacher and individual.

Fun fact: She loves Winnie the Pooh!


Teacher Jesslyn

Teacher Jesslyn joined us in 2012 to look after our Arts school branch. With her patience and love for children, she embarked on the Early Childhood Education journey to be part of our Preschool team. With her years of experience, she now writes curriculum for our preschool and continually edits them to ensure that they are up to date.

She believes that early childhood education is crucial and values the importance to be delivered in the best standard, so as to provide the springboard for a child’s future success.

She is currently also a proud mummy of two adorable children.

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Teacher Patricia

Teacher Patricia as we affectionately call her Teacher Pat has been in the infant care industry since 2014.

Prior to this, she has spent her days as a nanny that takes care of young children at home. She loves to sing to the babies and create puppetry props to enhance her singing and giving the infants a more interactive play experience.

One thing she definitely can’t do without is her daily dose of coffee to keep her energized!


Teacher Peijin

Peijin, affectionately known as ‘Teacher Pajamas’ by the children, started out as an assistant teacher at Da Little Arts School 11 years ago. She found herself enjoying teaching and she decided to further upgrade herself to pursue Early Childhood Education.

Her love for children and their child-like expression is reflected by what she does – teaching and doing art. She maintains an aptitude to be flexible, ensuring that every child's learning styles and abilities are addressed.


Teacher Ration

Teacher Ration joined Da Little family since we started in 2010 as an Art teacher.

As she grew with the team, she too embarked on the Early Childhood Education journey to be part of our Preschool team. She is naturally creative and do you know that she designed our logos and uniforms too!



孙老师 joined Da Little family in 2016. She has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

She has consistently brought passion and dedication every single day and does a fantastic job in preparing all our K2 graduates to Primary 1 so much so that all our alumni has no problem adapting to Primary School. 孙老师 is a proud mummy to a teenage son.



田老师 interned at Da Little Preschool in 2016 and officially joined the team the following year upon her graduation.

She builds strong communication with colleagues and parents, and takes ownership of the children under her care ensuing that they receive the most that they can have here in school.

She loves to sing and tell stories to the children. Fun fact: She likes collecting cute things!



王老师 joined Da Little Family in 2017. She has over 10 years of teaching experience across all levels from PG to K2.

Loved by students and staff alike, 王老师  brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Da Little Preschool. She is creative and (If we may add, SUPER DUPER!) good with Art. She just became a proud mummy to a cute little baby girl!



钟老师 started out as an assistant teacher at Da Little Preschool in 2018. She found herself enjoying teaching so much that she decided to further upgrade herself to pursue Early Childhood Education.

She allows children to learn and grow while fostering curious natures which is important a child’s success throughout their first years of school.

钟老师 is a proud mummy to two beautiful girls and she loves to doll them up during her free time.

About: Staff

Our team of dedicated teachers

1. Almost zero staff turnover

We are recognized for our extremely low staff turnover rate as substantial efforts have been invested in nurturing their professional development and increasing their job satisfaction

About: Our Mission

2. Teachers grow with children 

Teachers grow with the children literally as they generally progress to the next age group with the children over the years. The continuity has benefitted children, teachers and families alike.

About: Our Mission

3. Teachers Teamwork 

Our closely knitted team of teachers work hand in hand together to always cover each other's duties whenever the need arises such that our children will not miss out on any learning if their teacher is away.

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About: Our Mission
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Da Little Arts School

Since opening our doors in 2010, we have been committed to bring purposeful and fun learning experiences to young toddlers up to teens, using what we do best, through various creative art forms.

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